BUTTERFLY is a publicity agency that uses young beautiful and talented ladies to portray Cameroonian culture through their roles in music videos as vixens, advertisement and promotion of company products, as well as providing hostesses for various ceremonies These beautiful ladies

"BUTTERFLYs" are trained in various domains including and not limited to, dancing, professional acting, performance/speech, promotion strategies and human relations/interactions to ensure that they carry out their roles as publicity agents. BUTTERFLY aims at using the images of its young

"BUTTERFLYs" to showasel the richness and diversity of Cameroonian and African culture.


My Skills

since 2017 we are the best, that's why we propose and present our performances in these different fields

  • video modeling 100%

  • photo modeling100%

  • makeup arts 85%

  • Beauty pageantry 75%

  • Acting 90%

  • Caravan promotion75%

Why Choose Butterfly Vixen's?

In the highly competitive market we are in, customers are exposed to thousands of brands in just one day, In Butterfly we strive push your works stand out from the rest and break through the clutter with our exceptional services and dedication.

We care about the success of your career as much as you do. We are committed to listening to your needs, helping you with your over all goals and providing you with the costumer service you deserve.

Whether you need assistance for a concept building, designing and location, Our team helps to promote your brand or we can help you with a solution that will achieve an unsurpassed outcome. We will strategically align ourselves with your ideas to leverage the best results for your expectations.

Our professionally trained vixens division has a roster of models that spans throughout the nation, providing clients with outstanding promotion services.

Butterfly vixens makes every effort to ensure client satisfaction by providing you with reliable, energetic and top-notch vixens who are ready to address your specific needs. We pride ourselves in being detail-oriented and strive to deliver unparalleled service.

Let's Work Together

Welcome to your best video models agency Butterfly Vixens! We look forward to working with you. At all times 24/24, 7j/7 We ready!!!

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