butterfly vixens offers a wide range of services among which we can mention:

Photo modeling

Photo modeling or similar to fashion and mannique modeling A photo model is a person who poses for pictures either to promote a product or service, or to help interpret the concept of an arts Creator e.g photographer, fashion designer, concept creator, paint artist.

Video modeling

Video Modeling is a type of modeling which is very similar to acting. A video model or vixen is someone who performs on a music video shoot either to pose and move her body as a model, or to interpret a role as an actor/actress.

Advert and commercial modeling

Advert and commercial modeling is similar to photo modeling. An advert model is a person who is use to promote a service, a brand, a product, an establishment or company, either by posing for still pictures or performing on a video shoot which will be use as adverts or commercials


A promotion agent can be use to promote work of arts (hype a music video or audio), promote a product and service. Publish articles or make videos hyping an establishment or brand.


A hostess is a person incharge of ensuring an event or occasion runs smoothly by making sure the event organizers and guests or audience feel comfortable and satisfied through the event.

Caravan promotion

A caravan promo agent is a person who works with a caravan car or device to create street awareness about a service or product. Or to promote an event or occasion.


An actor or actress is a professional who is trained to interpret a script or a role under the mandate and coordination of the script writer and movie director

Beauty pageantry

A Beauty pageant model is often refer to as a MISS or MISTER model. It's a person who goes after modeling competition inorder to win the price and be crown the miss or mister of that event

We offer Dancing

A dancer is a train choreography who brings style and energy into a video by performing dance steps

Costume design

A costume designer sorts out outfit to suite the concept of an arts Creator e.g photographer, video director, movie director etc